Bible Baptist Church

Located just outside of Charlotte, NC, Bible Baptist Church and Christian School had a wonderful facility that dated back to the 1970s. The auditorium lighting was dim, dated, and not particular energy-efficient. We evaluated the situation and recommended several LED pendent-style lights that would brighten and modernize the space while also saving money on the electric bill.

To save labor costs, we recommended a fixture specifically designed for one-to-one replacements in churches, using the same wiring and boxes. We also upgraded and expanded their live stream operation and dramatically improved their audio system. While we were at it, we moved and enlarged their mix position, allowing them to consolidate sound, video, lighting, and live stream technicians into one booth. [read more]

First Baptist Church of Westwood Lake

Westwood had a bit of a time crunch, namely, five weeks to be in their new space, the school gym. The school’s division sports league had very strict requirements that there be could be no hanging equipment over the court. As we talked with the church leadership the only workable solution we could come up with was for all the sound, lighting, and projection equipment to slide out of the balcony for the services and then retract back during the rest of the week. Although other companies had deemed it impossible in the time-frame, we realized that as impossible as it seemed, it was what we would have to do. [read more]

Grace Bible Church

This small church plant was only 17 people strong when they first contacted us, and it immediately became apparent that the tiny and almost non-existent budget would our biggest challenge. Their requirements were fairly straightforward with a few twists: they needed an audio system that was “perm-portable” since the church did not own the building they were meeting in and could be required to pick up and move to another location. [read more]

Boones Creek Bible Church

Ministry Tech has been working with the wonderful folks at Boones Creek Bible Church for over 5 years to accomplish a complete technology makeover in several phases consisting of audio, lighting, and video overhauls. Boones Creek still has more projects they’d like us to tackle in the future. These folks are like family to us, and we look forward to many years of working with them. [read more]

The Wilds (Activity Center)

Built in the ’70s as metal prefab building, The Wilds Activity Center has always been an acoustic nightmare, and in a non-profit camp kind of ministry funds for extensive acoustic treatment and a redesign of the building were out of the question…. God gave the wisdom. He deserves the praise for the successful completion of what was the most daunting task of my career thus far. [read more]