Would it be smart to take an 18-year-old raw Navy recruit and put him behind the controls of a 6 billion dollar aircraft carrier without any kind of instruction? How about giving your teen with no driving experience the keys to the family car? Or maybe giving your friend a pile of scuba gear telling them to watch a Youtube video and don’t drown.

Such examples are ridiculous, even laughable, but unfortunately when it comes to the area of technical ministry they’re not very far off. Just because it’s “ministry” and because many techs are volunteers we hand them the keys to our churches’ very expensive technical systems with no more than a “thanks for helping out…” Often times our tech teams have little to no organization or procedures, not to even mention formal training. And we wonder why an otherwise great system doesn’t perform well. Even something as simple as “who’s in charge?” or the chain of command is most times overlooked!

Our motto at Ministry Tech is Equipping, Serving, Ministering. Part of equipping is equipping the tech team with the proper training. Yes, we do know what “all those buttons” do, and we’re glad to show you. Our training starts with forming a biblical philosophy of tech ministry and after that is established proceeds to showing them how work as a team, how to communicate with the church leadership, and finally to nitty-gritty technical topics such as dynamic mixing and programming DMX lighting. Our training also involves working with the ministry leadership themselves to help them continue to equip the tech team with the communication and the leadership they need.

Also many times we’ve found that the issues are not technical; they are spiritual. This is where the ministering component of our motto comes in. In our over 25 years of technical ministry experience we have seen a lot of issues in this realm, including ones we’ve caused. As one tech to another, one brother to another, we endeavor to provide Biblical answers to these tough issues, pointing to the right way to serve and work together.

We believe training is the most important part of the technical systems in your ministry, and it is well worth the investment. We tailor each training session to your exact needs while making it fun, informative and enjoyable.