Primer on IMAG

Has your ministry considering doing IMAG, or Image MAGnification? IMAG can be anything from words for songs on the screen or a live camera feed of the pastor in the pulpit. If this is something you’re interested in doing, there are some questions you need to answer.

Always Have a “Plan B”

Wireless mics, iPad interfaces, digital mixers, DSP’s, software, automation, etc. are amazing tools that take what we do as technicians and boost it to the next level. But this amazing technology comes with a price.

The Preflight Check

The most important part of a successfully running sound system isn’t a piece of gear. It’s you! Or more specifically, your preparation.

Put on Your Glasses

Suppose you are a first time guest to your church. You have never been there; you may have never even heard of the place before. Walk through the front door. As a first time visitor, what would you think?

Plan to Fail

Technical failures happen to all of us. Do you have a plan of what to do when something goes wrong?

Meet Bob!

Bob and his fellow technicians are gearing up to pull off the biggest Christmas production ever done at their church. Their plans include surround sound, giant lit-up stars, a massive set and more. But there’s one thing their plan is missing…

Who’s in Charge Here Anyway?

One of the largest issues that we see in the technical ministries today is the fact that those involved don’t know the authority structure of the ministry. Should not Christ’s body, of all places, follow the model of order set forth by our Creator?

Do It Right the First Time

So the project upon you is a big one… the perfect storm! Super tight budget, the event is in two weeks, and of course, no budget! So with parts and pieces pulled from who knows where, you hack together a system. Does this describe your projects?

Tech Meeting “Quick Start” Guide

In 25 years of being in technical ministry we’ve been through and even run our share of meetings. And for many of those years we wondered, “What was the point?” Meetings didn’t accomplish much and were mostly a waste of time. A lot of words were being said, but nothing of much merit was being communicated. Here is a really practical “Quick Start” guide to having effective general tech team meetings!

Thou Shalt Know Thy Stuff

I personally love whenever visiting a church, even if just attending, to check out the tech ministry to see what they are doing and gain new perspectives or new ideas. Unfortunately, as I talk with the techs I normally find that this wonderful helpful servant tells me, “Well, I just help out. I don’t know much of anything.” or “Well, we all kind of just help each other out back here, we don’t know what’s really going on.” One theme I hear over and over: “I don’t know.”