Boones Creek Bible Church

Ministry Tech has been working with the wonderful folks at Boones Creek Bible Church for over 5 years to accomplish a complete technology makeover in several phases consisting of audio, lighting, and video overhauls.

Phase 1 consisted of installing a new sound system in their auditorium, installing another new sound system system in their gym, and taking used parts and piece from those existing systems and building a small system in their downstairs conference room. The main auditorium audio system we installed features a very straightforward, easy to run Soundcraft console; Crown amplifiers; a fully configurable DSP; and Renkus-Heinz speakers. After our upgrades the system is now very docile and easy to handle. These upgrades along with new EV and Mackie monitors and a mic cabinet full of new hardware make this system a real joy to operate.

Phase 2 consisted of a complete lighting renovation in the main auditorium. Their existing lighting was very “cave-esqe” ie., dark and dingy. We added 30 new cans, got rid of the old chandeliers, and converted everything to state-of-the-art dimmable LED fixtures. We used traditional stage fixtures to supply normal lighting for the stage and choir loft and added some LED wash lights to add color for productions. All the dimming is controlled via a remote keypad or by a computer running Venue Magic.

Phase 3 consisted of a video upgrade. Due to the low ceilings we had our hands full trying to get large enough images on the stage. And trying to get all of the wiring to the right places was also more than a challenge. Thankfully, we had lots of great people helping us out. For the main projection we added dual professional-grade Panasonic projectors and dual Da-lite motorized screens. For the confidence monitor in the rear we added a third projector hanging toward the back of the auditorium, and we plastered and framed in a section of wall so when the rear screen is not being used it looks like an architectural element. But when the projector is on, it functions as a screen. We also fabricated custom mounts for all the projectors.

We also added a video system in the lobby consisting of 3 LED TV’s to further add to the their technology upgrade. Everything was wired with RapidRun cable to help future proof the setup.  Video switching and scaling are handled by Kramer units, and video amplification and distribution are handled by Extron units. The pulpit also has its own video input so the pastor’s laptop can now be right in front of him. The techs are able to keep track of everything via a custom six monitor preview system.

The largest part of this phase wasn’t actually video, per se. It was expanding the mix position to make room for all the new technology that runs the video and preview systems, as well as all the battery backups, computers and all the other ancillary equipment. The mix position window that was already quite large had to be expanded 4 feet, which involved carpentry, engineering, and finding matching trim so that all the new additions blended in with the old.

Boones Creek still has more projects they’d like us to tackle in the future, such as adding a video streaming system. The folks at Boones Creek are like family to us, and we look forward to many years of working with them.

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