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Suppose a missionary gives you his video presentation to show during the service—the lights dim, the video starts and… no audio, the text is hard to read from the back of the room, the people look like they were painted orange and the right side of the image is cut off. The missionary is frustrated, the congregation is distracted and the impact of the presentation is dampened.

Unfortunately, the above scenario is a far too common occurrence in the world of ministry video. But when done correctly a video system can be a real asset to your ministry and a blessing to your people. It enables you to display scripture texts or multimedia content to reinforce the content of the message. You gain the ability to project the facial expressions of the speaker all the way to the back row. And perhaps the most common use, it frees you from being limited to using only the songs in your printed hymnal in your congregational worship. And with today’s technology, streaming your content online or piping it to overflow seating has become easier than ever.

We desire to work side by side with you to understand your needs and wishes and then use our gifts and abilities to make them a reality. We guarantee your video system will be easy to use, sharp to look at and an asset to your ministry.