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Audio systems are the heart of what we do at Ministry Tech. We know your focus is the message coming from the pulpit, and we want the sound coming from the speakers to support that message, not distract from it. From speakers to amplifiers, from mics to mixers we offer solutions in every category.


Who doesn’t love the sound of feedback? Yeah, we thought so; we don’t either. Are you having trouble getting the results out of your system that you want? Or something just doesn’t sound “right”? From tweaking amplifiers to adjusting EQ to restructuring gain levels to get better db-before-feedback to adding a better DSP and much more, we can help struggling systems perform to their peak level.

New Installations

Is your church still struggling along with its original circa-1970s system? Sometimes the most cost effective solution is to clean the slate and start over. While we’ll try to use as much of the existing system as we can, a system is only as good as its weakest link. Or perhaps you’re a new church plant or just built a new building. We love getting in on the ground floor to make sure your first service is focused on the content of what is said and sung rather than how it sounds.

Maybe you aren’t even sure what your exact needs are, that’s okay. We’d love to hear from you!