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There’s a lot more to lighting than just turning them on at the right time (although sometimes even that presents problems). In fact, aesthetically pleasing and effective stage lighting is a complicated mix of technology, science and art. To add to the difficulty, the lighting industry today is a confusing jumble of the latest fads and fashions. Our background in technical theater and years of designing major productions give us an edge is helping you separate the fads from the facts.

Just because your church is not Carnegie Hall does not mean your lighting needs to be any less important. After all, if people can’t see what’s happening on the platform, they might as well be listening to an audio recording. But obviously there is more to it than just throwing a lot of light at the stage. We strive to strike the balance between cost, performance and achieving your goals.

One of the common problems we run into, especially in older buildings, are lighting systems that are simply unsafe. Nervous about suspending heavy objects over the heads of people and working with high voltage electricity? We have the professional knowledge, experience and equipment to design a solution that works for your budget and your needs whether that’s getting your existing system in good, safe, working order or starting from scratch. We deliver a real world solution that works in the real world of your ministry.