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Imagine you’re in an unfamiliar town on a Sunday morning and are looking for a church to attend. What do you do? If you’re like the majority of people you’ll begin your search online. Recent findings show as many as 75-90% of potential visitors check out the church’s website before deciding to attend. What they find there has a significant impact on whether they decide to visit or not.

If you have a church website, do a brief survey of it through the eyes of a visitor… How easy is it to find service times? church address? nursery information? what’s the preaching or music like? what are the people like? how many are there? Or from another angle… does it look like it was designed in the 90s? does the style compare at all to what they’re used to seeing in our visual media saturated culture? has it been updated since last month? last year? or could it potentially even be a turn off? A church website can be one of your most powerful outreach tools… if used correctly.

But a church website can be far more than a glorified brochure or Yellow Pages ad. It can provide resources for your members and the world at large through articles and sermon recordings or videos. It can function as an organization portal for the various ministries of your church with all the necessary security that involves. It can give your members a place to interact and access directory or missionary information and much more.

Now, we know what you’re thinking… “yeah, that would be nice but that’s only possible for bigger churches with bigger budgets, right?” We believe we can deliver a clean, attractive website that’s easy for you to update and doesn’t look like everybody else’s for well below what it would cost from a typical web design firm. With over a dozen years of experience in church web development we know the unique challenges and blessings and are confident we can solve your church website needs.