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Should your ministry be involved in social media? If so, how? Should you Like? Tweet? Instagram? +1? Social media is quickly becoming a growing way for churches to interact with members and non-members alike. With over 70% of Americans using social media (and as high as 90% with those aged 18-29) it seems like a great idea. But just because everybody else is doing it is not a biblically-based reason to jump on the bandwagon.

As both digital natives and techy theologians we can help you understand the issues and integrate wise social media practice with biblical philosophy. We can help you navigate the waters of whether and how to engage in social media and help you develop a clear strategy for doing so. Certain social media platforms provide a better means of communicating biblical truth than others. We can help you discern that for your ministry.

Social media is a dynamic, constantly changing arena, and getting involved can be confusing at best and at times downright frustrating. Let us come alongside you with our experience and give you the tools and training you need to succeed in social media.