Boones Creek Bible Church

Ministry Tech has been working with the wonderful folks at Boones Creek Bible Church for over 5 years to accomplish a complete technology makeover in several phases consisting of audio, lighting, and video overhauls. Boones Creek still has more projects they’d like us to tackle in the future. These folks are like family to us, and we look forward to many years of working with them. [read more]

Tech Meeting “Quick Start” Guide

In 25 years of being in technical ministry we’ve been through and even run our share of meetings. And for many of those years we wondered, “What was the point?” Meetings didn’t accomplish much and were mostly a waste of time. A lot of words were being said, but nothing of much merit was being communicated. Here is a really practical “Quick Start” guide to having effective general tech team meetings!

Thou Shalt Know Thy Stuff

I personally love whenever visiting a church, even if just attending, to check out the tech ministry to see what they are doing and gain new perspectives or new ideas. Unfortunately, as I talk with the techs I normally find that this wonderful helpful servant tells me, “Well, I just help out. I don’t know much of anything.” or “Well, we all kind of just help each other out back here, we don’t know what’s really going on.” One theme I hear over and over: “I don’t know.”

The Wilds (Activity Center)

Built in the ’70s as metal prefab building, The Wilds Activity Center has always been an acoustic nightmare, and in a non-profit camp kind of ministry funds for extensive acoustic treatment and a redesign of the building were out of the question…. God gave the wisdom. He deserves the praise for the successful completion of what was the most daunting task of my career thus far. [read more]