The Importance of Ergonomics

Ergo-what? It’s just a big word for the ease in which you can do your job in your environment. In other words, is your mix position laid out in such a way that it’s easy for you to do what you need to do? The more efficiently your workspace is organized, the better able you will be to do your job.

Plan to Fail

Technical failures happen to all of us. Do you have a plan of what to do when something goes wrong?

Knowing When Enough Is Enough

Many times churches service their technical gear or systems and keep servicing them and servicing them, and keep putting on duct tape “bandaid” over duct tape “bandaid.” After all no one sees it, so things just sort of limp along (sort of) when what is really needed is a big decision, one that requires much thought and prayer. But how do decide when that time is? How do you know when enough is enough?

Grace Bible Church

This small church plant was only 17 people strong when they first contacted us, and it immediately became apparent that the tiny and almost non-existent budget would our biggest challenge. Their requirements were fairly straightforward with a few twists: they needed an audio system that was “perm-portable” since the church did not own the building they were meeting in and could be required to pick up and move to another location. [read more]

Meet Bob!

Bob and his fellow technicians are gearing up to pull off the biggest Christmas production ever done at their church. Their plans include surround sound, giant lit-up stars, a massive set and more. But there’s one thing their plan is missing…

Who’s in Charge Here Anyway?

One of the largest issues that we see in the technical ministries today is the fact that those involved don’t know the authority structure of the ministry. Should not Christ’s body, of all places, follow the model of order set forth by our Creator?

Vanquishing the Scope Creep Monster

We’ve all had a project that’s gotten way behind schedule or over budget. It’s called scope creep. The scope of work slowly grows and grows and grows and grows, and pretty soon becomes a monster that cannot be tamed. How do we prevent it? What can we do if we are in it? These steps may not be the end-all weapon to vanquish the monster of scope creep, but here are some things that may be a help to you if you find yourself in the grip of the scope creep monster.

Do It Right the First Time

So the project upon you is a big one… the perfect storm! Super tight budget, the event is in two weeks, and of course, no budget! So with parts and pieces pulled from who knows where, you hack together a system. Does this describe your projects?

The Hard Truth about Frogs

We’re not talking about how many times you have frogs in your ministry. If you have a frog infestation problem, please don’t call Ministry Tech, call your local animal control. Rather, do we take time to figure out what went wrong and why? And most importantly, do you figure out how to make it right next time?

Doing Your Due Dilligence

Many times the problem is really as it seems. It really is bad; it really is big. But sometimes it’s the simple things that we overlook.