Bible Baptist Church

Located just outside of Charlotte, NC, Bible Baptist Church and Christian School had a wonderful facility that dated back to the 1970s. The auditorium lighting was dim, dated, and not particular energy-efficient. We evaluated the situation and recommended several LED pendent-style lights that would brighten and modernize the space while also saving money on the electric bill.

To save labor costs, we recommended a fixture specifically designed for one-to-one replacements in churches, using the same wiring and boxes. We also upgraded and expanded their live stream operation and dramatically improved their audio system. While we were at it, we moved and enlarged their mix position, allowing them to consolidate sound, video, lighting, and live stream technicians into one booth. [read more]

Garbage Out!

What do old wiring, empty boxes, abandoned power cords, gear that hasn’t worked in years, or even parts and pieces from Bob’s last attempt at a shining Bethlehem star have in common? How could it be a problem?

Primer on IMAG

Has your ministry considering doing IMAG, or Image MAGnification? IMAG can be anything from words for songs on the screen or a live camera feed of the pastor in the pulpit. If this is something you’re interested in doing, there are some questions you need to answer.

Always Have a “Plan B”

Wireless mics, iPad interfaces, digital mixers, DSP’s, software, automation, etc. are amazing tools that take what we do as technicians and boost it to the next level. But this amazing technology comes with a price.

The Bible Tells Me So!

We all know the children’s song, “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so…” but its truth and what else the Bible tells us is not just for children. Knowing what the Bible tells us can be a great help in your technical ministry.

The Preflight Check

The most important part of a successfully running sound system isn’t a piece of gear. It’s you! Or more specifically, your preparation.

Put on Your Glasses

Suppose you are a first time guest to your church. You have never been there; you may have never even heard of the place before. Walk through the front door. As a first time visitor, what would you think?

First Baptist Church of Westwood Lake

Westwood had a bit of a time crunch, namely, five weeks to be in their new space, the school gym. The school’s division sports league had very strict requirements that there be could be no hanging equipment over the court. As we talked with the church leadership the only workable solution we could come up with was for all the sound, lighting, and projection equipment to slide out of the balcony for the services and then retract back during the rest of the week. Although other companies had deemed it impossible in the time-frame, we realized that as impossible as it seemed, it was what we would have to do. [read more]

Can we do it? Yes, we can!

There is a funny children’s cartoon character called “Bob the Builder,” and he has this phrase that he repeats: “Can we do it? Yes, we can!” If only that were true in real life!

Are We There Yet?

What we find so helpful on road trips—knowing where we are and when we’ll get where we’re going—is often lacking in our tech ministries. If you think this might be a problem with your ministry (i.e. you’re not sure where you are, let alone when you’ll get where you’re going), here are some tips you should find helpful.